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What is DEN?

As the power demands of the modern era increase and building engineers continue to search out greener solution 100% fresh air and evaporative cooling concepts are coming more and more into consideration. But how do you design a 100% fresh air cooling system when weather conditions are constantly changing?

DEN Software

DEN: an overview

DEN is a very powerful piece of design software which uses actual weather data (both current and historic) in order to predict weather performance and a building’s evaporative cooling system performance. DEN informs a professional HVAC engineer about the best way to use an evaporative cooling system within the building and climate that it is situated within. It doesn’t matter where in the world you may be – the DEN system will adjust its data automatically, producing graphs and data tables which uncover details such as expected supply air temperatures at any point throughout the year, water consumption, power consumption, system efficiencies and energy savings

Using accredited weather data from centers such as the Department of Energy USA DEN can produce accurate predictions of how a building’s cooling system will operate on a year-long basis, allowing you to take the yearly seasons of an area into account. Using historical and current data about the weather and temperatures of the building’s region year round, the software can effectively assess a building’s cooling situation and provide engineers with a means of ascertaining the best cooling system to use.

Why should HVAC specialists use DEN?

The DEN system allows HVAC specialists to make informed decisions regarding their evaporative cooling systems, as they will be able to assess the cost of running the system annually when compared to more conventional HVAC cooling systems. The DEN database contains the performance of three types of evaporative cooling technology – Direct, IDEC, and Hybrid – allowing engineers to have a comprehensive view of the different cooling systems available to buildings, as well as their respective running costs.

Give DEN a Try

HVAC professionals can now take the guesswork out of selecting the right evaporative cooling technology and are able to demonstrate to the end user the predicted performance of the system. Contact Air2O and learn more about DEN and the performance data in your area.


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