How Air2O Technology Works

Two Stage Cooling

At its heart, Air2O uses a two stage indirect evaporative cooling solution. During the first stage, outdoor air is passed through the evaporative cooling section, and as the warm air is cooled, so is the water.

This cool water is then transferred to a high efficiency heat exchanger (over which the primary outdoor air is passed) to deliver the first stage of cooling with no additional moisture; this is indirect evaporative cooling. The air is then further cooled as it passes the second cooling stage; direct evaporative cooling. This same concept can also be utilized to provide ultra-efficient heat recovery of air-conditioned buildings.

The combination of these two stages delivers the highest performing evaporative cooling system available in the world today.

Hybrid Intelligence

Air2O has a unique ability to adapt and become a hybrid  cooling system, incorporating traditional refrigerant or chilled water-cooling coils.

Air2O’s equally unique and intelligent control system can automatically respond to external weather conditions, switching its cooling strategy from evaporative cooling to air-conditioning; only when needed. This ensures consistent performance, high efficiency and significant energy savings.

This means that the leading Air2O hybrid cooling technology can be applied anywhere in the world, providing energy efficient cooling without compromise.

evaporative cooling technologyAir2O hybrid cooling

The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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