6 Vital HVAC Design Features
for Data Centers

When it comes to the design and operation of a data center, its
critical to have the proper HVAC system in place. Without careful
consideration and consulting from a HVAC professional, a data
center owner can easily select the wrong system, causing the
entire data center to be in jeopardy. There are six vital HVAC
design features specifically for data centers. Installing an HVAC
solution with these features will ensure optimal operation without
compromising performance.

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5 Factors in HVAC Design for Data Centers

There are many things to consider when designing an HVAC system specifically for a data center that ensures it maintains a regulated temperature, is sustainable, and continues to help the data center perform its functions optimally.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Sick Building Syndrome

If you are involved with the design, purchase, or maintenance of commercial HVAC systems, here are six things you need to know about Sick Building Syndrome.

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Challenges of Grow Room HVAC Design

The expansion of legalized marijuana throughout the United States has led to brisk growth in the number of commercial cannabis operations. These large commercial operations have created significant opportunities for HVAC technicians as grow rooms require custom HVAC systems. Commercial growers continue to search for efficient solutions that allow them to control the environment of their grow rooms, are eco-friendly, and comply with regulations.

Before these challenges can be met, HVAC techs and designers must understand the cannabis cultivation process and the grow room’s needs. Knowing these variables will help in designing an appropriate HVAC unit, one that goes beyond the traditional coolant-dependent system.

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