DEN – Design With Confidence

The Performance Predicting Software from Air2O

Traditionally, evaporative cooling system designs / results have been uncertain and have therefore restricted the adoption of this low energy cooling technology.

For the first time, DEN, our unique performance predicting software enables engineers to professionally design evaporative cooling systems with complete confidence and certainty.

We are able to consider any project, anywhere in the world, to determine project requirements and accurately predict system performance, energy consumption and the subsequent energy savings the Air2O system will deliver.

Performance Predicting Software

Evaporative Cooling is a relatively well known technology deployed around the world as a low energy and sustainable method of cooling down internal and external spaces, to create human comfort and maintain critical temperature criteria for data centers and process plants. The performance of evaporative cooling technology is directly dictated by external temperature patterns, meaning the performance of the system has been notoriously difficult to predict and as a result, has severely restricted the adoption of this low energy cooling technology by the professional engineer.

Evaporative Cooling technology is a serious energy saving system which should not be prohibited by the lack of understanding in the application by a building service engineer. With the world’s power consumption under constant strain from the demands of the 21st century, building services engineers must adopt greener approaches in their solution to cooling systems other than designing and specifying high power consuming refrigerated air conditioning equipment. To elevate this global problem, the engineers at Air2O Cooling Limited have developed a unique evaporative cooling technology performance predicting design software program known as DEN.

DEN is an extremely powerful design software tool which accepts and processes historic and current weather data from any weather station in the world to detail the predicted performance of the evaporative cooling system. DEN highlights to the professional engineer what can be achieved and what can’t be achieved by the evaporative cooling system on any given project, anywhere in the world. DEN reports the yearly power and water consumption and collates the data in a results table, to allow the design engineer to compare the performance and energy savings against a conventional refrigerated cooling approach. This performance and comparison data is crucial to the decision making by the engineer and the end user to use evaporative cooling as the preferred choice of technology.

DEN’s database is embedded with the performance of the three types of evaporative cooling technology, Direct, IDEC and Hybrid, so not only now can a professional design engineer have full confidence in specifying evaporative cooling technology and demonstrate the system performance, he or she can determine which evaporative cooling system type is going to be the most suited to a particular project.

Currently Air2O Cooling Limited is the only company in the world to be able to design evaporative cooling systems with complete certainty. The removal of this uncertainty provides the professional engineer with the confidence to select evaporative cooling technology and demonstrate to the end user the predicted performance of the system, taking evaporative cooling system design into the 21st century and away from a black art.

So why not keep the DEN design software tool to ourselves? The need for global energy conservation is a far greater need than the immediate growth of Air2O Cooling Limited; we are proud innovators and early adopters of evaporative cooling technology and feel very passionate about creating awareness of this wonderful low energy technology. Over the past 15 years we have understood the sole restriction to its global specification over refrigerated air conditioning systems is the confidence and awareness of the system performance by the professional design engineer. DEN design software really is a game changer for evaporative cooling design and the world’s energy consumption; it would be a crime to keep this software away from professional use.

Currently DEN design software lives in a Microsoft Excel platform with hyper-links to external data grabs, the system has no bugs and runs true every time but the process speed is limited with this platform. To commercialize DEN design software for worldwide distribution to licensed seats, we require a full transfer from the Microsoft Excel platform to a bespoke software platform which will be hosted and downloaded to licensed users, with updates managed by our in-house software support technical team.

The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

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