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Case Study Singlethread Farms

The Single Thread Farm is located on five acres between the Russian River and the historic San Lorenzo Ranch in Healdsburg, California. The property consists of rolling fields, chicken coops, fruit orchards, olive trees, bee hives, and a cattle paddock all surrounded by wine vineyards. The farm supplies the vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, and olive oil to their award-winning Michelin-star eatery by the same name.

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Case Study: TATA Technologies, UK

Tata Technologies, owner of Jaguar Land Rover, constructed a new 30 million dollar European Innovation Headquarters in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. The three story steel framed, 63,000 sq. ft office building will house nearly 600 staff working in emerging vehicle technologies.

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Case Study: Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota

Next door to the new Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility in Mesa, Arizona sits the home of Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota.  The Berge Group, operators of eight auto dealerships in Arizona have been at the forefront in adopting energy efficiency technologies to manage rising energy costs in their facilities.

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