ZoZo Intelligent Thermostat

In EIA’s 2015 RECS, respondents were asked how they set indoor temperatures during the summer. Almost half (45%) of households using central air-conditioning units said they set the thermostat at one temperature and left it there most of the time. The second most common approach was to manually adjust the temperature at night or when no one was at home (26%). Using a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust indoor temperatures was the third most common approach (18%), and it was more common than manually turning equipment on or off as needed (11%).

With most users of programmable thermostats not using the programmable function, what is today’s home owner looking for?

Traditional smart thermostats, also known as learning thermostats, observe household behavior and create a temperature-setting profile without the need for user intervention. Yet even the smart thermostats are finding that users are resistant to common forms of temperature setting formulas.

ZoZo represents an evolution of the smart thermostat.

ZoZo aims to change the way the homeowner interacts with the thermostat. After an initial orientation, ZoZo’s A.I. System will begin to fine tune its patent-pending algorithm based on a number of unique factors to create an energy efficient & comfortable environment without requiring intervention by the homeowner.

ZoZo Thermostat

AI LEARNING: Situation-based algorithms

ZoZo combines 4 internal measurements (occupancy, light, temperature & humidity) with two external measurements (temperature and humidity). These 6 measurements are used to adjust the temperature settings to achieve the optimal comfort level with maximum energy savings.

COMFORT SETTING: Floating set point

Being comfortable is influenced by a number of factors: primarily temperature, humidity & airflow. In tracking these factors – both internally and externally – ZoZo is able to set itself to your Comfort Setting. This Comfort Setting is managed by ZoZo’s patent-pending algorithm that takes account of multiple variables to maximize comfort while saving energy. The innovative ZoZo algorithm enables users to reduce energy usage by an average 20%.

ZONE BY ZONE: Focus comfort where people are

In systems with dampers, ZoZo can manage up to four zones without any additional equipment. Traditional smart thermostats require an additional zone board to manage different areas within a house. The different zones managed by dampers can now be managed solely with ZoZo – a cost savings of and average of $300 per home.

ZoZo also employs area-weighted zones. Through remote sensors, ZoZo is able to manage temperatures of different zones based on factors such as occupancy or time of day.

AUTOMATION OPTIMIZATION: Making the most out of operational efficiency

Heating and cooling elements continue to provide heating and cooling after they have been turned off. A blower delay is normally a separate mechanical system that is operated in addition to the thermostat; generally costing an average $120 per system. ZoZo is built with an internal blower delay whereby the system will continue to heat or cool until the temperature has changed by a single degree. This seemingly small measure capitalizes on comfort differentials that would have otherwise been lost while providing an overall energy savings.

ZoZo is the IoT thermostat: connected to the internet as well as integrations with home automation platforms such as Alexa, Google Home & Apple HomePod.

ZoZo can also be programmed to manage a wide variety of equipment in coordination with your home comfort needs: with up to three-stage cooling & heating, heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, humidifiers and evaporative cooling.

Integrating ZoZo with your handheld devices can alert and activate heating and cooling functions upon your approach to your home – providing additional comfort as you enter your front door. You can also use the ZoZo app to communicate with the thermostat – from across the room or across the globe.

Tracking the performance of your system and comparing against thousands of similar systems, ZoZo will be able to predict system malfunctions or failures by noticing minute changes in the day-to-day operations of your system. Alerts through the main control panel in addition to selected notifications by email or voice, ZoZo will be monitoring your system and alerting you of any changes.

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