IceOVap™ Cooling Technology


IceOVap™ technology combines Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) with thermal energy storage.

Utilizing a unique intelligent control system, IceOVap, automatically responds to external weather conditions, continuously adapting its cooling or heating strategy to run only the most efficient cooling systems for the ambient condition of the moment. This means the most energy efficient cooling system will be employed first, ensuring consistent performance, high efficiency and significant energy savings.

Conditioning the ambient supply air with the indirect coil as the first stage of cooling significantly reduces the energy required from the thermal storage, up to the point where the increasing outdoor enthalpy renders the evaporation advantage negligible.

When the outdoor air enthalpy is very high, typically when the humidity increases as a result of an impending rain storm it causes the indoor conditions to move outside of the comfort envelope. This is where the cooling energy, stored in the ICE is employed and transferred to the 2nd Stage coil. The IDEC unit is turned into a standard chilled water air handling unit by the Mixing Box that closes the Fresh air and Opens the Return air path .The building load is addressed with only the additional power consumption of the glycol pump. The combination of these innovations deliver the highest performing Hybrid Evaporative Cooling system in the world today.

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Benefits Of Air20 Mission Critical Cooling Technology

  • Built in economizer function
  • EC Fans to maximize efficiency
  • Cooling and heating capability
  • Integrated rain water harvesting system is standard
  • 24 volt control panel compatible with any external interface / control and thermostat
  • Automated water quality management system, field adjustable for specific site requirements
  • Water limit switches for pump protection
  • UV filtration
  • System performance: COP 8 and SEER 27
  • The extremely low power consumption allows the system to be powered by roof PV panels direct

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The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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