Features & Benefits

Standard Features

5 times more efficient than 14 SEER/ 2.5 COP

Utility Connections Made Easy

Electric utility knockouts are provided through the side of the unit. Utility connections can be made quickly and with a minimum amount of field labour.

Water Arrester

Utilizing a unique water arrester louver, placed in the primary air flow, the unit eliminates any water carry over in the primary supply air.

Cooling Media

All the cooling media are installed in aluminum cassettes for easy removal and replacement.

Water Sump

The bottom section of the unit is constructed from a noncorrosive, stainless steel, long-lasting, water tight pan, sectioned into three compartments, two of which are positioned below the three cooling media to collect and facilitate the return of the water back to the pump.

Fan System

The unit operates over a wide range of design conditions with an electrically commutated fan motor. The unit can easily match many types of application and can provide greater on site flexibility to match comfort requirement.

Control Circuit

A printed circuit board containing diagnostic indication, a low voltage terminal strip, LCD display and multi function keys. Various connections are provided to simplify the field interface of external controls. The control system is located behind an isolated maintenance panel to allow the access cover to be removed for trouble shooting and maintenance without affecting normal system operation. All wiring internal to the unit is color coded.

Protected Pump

The primary pump is protected for both thermal cut out and damage caused by operation without the correct system water level, by water level sensors in the unit sump tank.

System Integration

The unit is designed to integrate fully with any existing thermostat or BMS.

Durable Finish

A heavy duty cabinet with Pentapost construction is made to ensure durability, neutral color blends into surrounding areas, and electro-static-paint provides a better paint bond which resists corrosion and rust creep, ensuring less fading when exposed to the sun.

Replacement Parts

The unit components require no specialized training to remove or replace meaning no need to stock specialist parts.

Benefits of Hybrid Air Conditioning

Lower Installation Cost

Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring connections. The base dimension means less space is required on the ground or roof. Installation options are ducted thermostatically controlled state of the art.

A computerized process system is used to ensure smooth operation, and provides Auxiliary functionality. All units are completely wired and tested before shipment undergoing rigorous quality control procedures to ensure unit performance.

Exclusive Design

With the combined heat rejector cooling and heat exchanger approach, the unit provides at least twice the effectiveness of standard thermal wheel systems. Ensuring operation at high levels of efficiency.

Low Operating Sound Level

The cross directional air flow carries the normal operating noise down and away from the surroundings. The rigid filter panel effectively isolates air noise.

Low Maintenance

The self- drain coil and self-purge/dry procedures along with permanently lubricated fan bearings drastically reduce the need for maintenance, increasing the longevity and efficiency of the unit.

Unique Indirect Coil

The system incorporates a unique coil with copper tubes and an enhanced aluminum fin construction. This improves heat transfer for maximum efficiency and durability, and is designed in such a way to facilitate self-drainage, which provides protection against freezing.

Optional Accessories

UV water filtration built in. VFD to optimize CFM. Air O Thermostat, optimized for the unit.


The system can be calibrated to self-purge at set intervals in order to control TDS build up. The system also utilizes a media drying procedure at intervals to increase the longevity of the cooling media.

Easy Service Access

Service panels allow easy access to the units internal components, making component removal / replacement and servicing simple.

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