Data Center Product Range


‘If your data center is enterprise, co-location or hyper-scale – Air2O has the experience to provide the most practical and efficient cooling technology.’

The Air2O’s data center cooling range covers 100% fresh air and recirculation-based systems, utilizing technologies as: direct or indirect evaporative cooling, economizer, 2 stage indirect direct evaporative cooling, hybrid cooling, refrigerant and chilled water. With our expertise to produce solutions of limitless size, we have the capability to design and produce the most practical and efficient cooling solution for your data center project.

Air2O’s team of data center specialists provide comprehensive design support to the data center engineer. Utilizing DEN, our performance predicting software, we can determine which product in our data center range is optimum for your project by performing a detailed performance analysis. Maximizing efficiency is vital moving forward as it is reported that 1% of the world’s energy and 2% of all power in the United States is used to cool data centers.

Air2O’s capability to manufacture and design efficient, data center cooling solutions will ensure the operating costs are low and the data center’s PUE is maximized with redundancy.

Air2O design engineers have a unique understanding of the internationally accepted environmental standards necessary for operating data centers. ASHRAE TC9.9 provides guidelines for humidity, temperature, and contamination our solutions ensure that the data center is maintained in line with these recommendations.

Industries Served
Delivering the World’s Most Efficient and Sustainable Custom Air-Cooling Technology

We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility—it is an opportunity to create shared value for all our stakeholders.







One of Air2O leading projects which falls under the Air2O SMR product category, this packaged solution up to 422Kw in size includes Water Side Economizer/Run Around Coil, Economizer/ DX trim, his project provided high quality, cost-effective solution for a co-location data center project located in North America. Learn More


The Air2O range of CRAH units designed specifically for the Hyperscale Data Center and Mission Critical Industries are designed to maximize cooling output whilst minimizing footprint. Designed with ease of maintenance in mind our standard product ranges encompasses a wide range of highly efficient and reliable units from 63kw to 441kw. These units are available with up flow or down flow air distribution with chilled water, Water (Glycol) and ewe cooled options. Learn More


Our guiding principles during the development of the Air2O Precision Air Conditioning line were safety, reliability, efficiency, and environment.These units achieve the balance between high performance and environmental impact. The Air2O Precision Air Conditioning line uses latest environmental-friendly refrigerants. Learn More