Warehousing and fulfillment centers are a significant size which can provide a challenge to the engineer and owner to ensure that comfortable operating conditions are met and maintained in the most efficient manner. As advised by the EPA, indoor air quality (IAQ) is of the upmost importance and can have negative side effects if neglected. In an environment where employee performance and health will have a major impact on company performance, the building must perform highly in both energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing. In older buildings or those with out of date HVAC solutions, employees may complain of smells, ‘stuffy’ air, or potential illness.

Air2O’s team of warehousing and fulfillment cooling specialists understand the importance of energy efficiency cooling and fresh air. We understand the benefits of a temperature-controlled work environment in your fulfillment center; keeping products, personnel and/or mechanical elements at a comfortable climate is imperative. Not only that, it’s also crucial for you to keep energy costs down. Our products are designed to help keep your employees, facility and technology-driven equipment running effortlessly. That’s why our design experts will develop a solution that ensures your employee’s will be cool and not feel the negative effects of poor indoor air quality. The EPA also estimates that losses of 2-4% on average can occur in performance due to indoor air quality.


Picking lines, packaging areas, work stations, dock doors and staging areas can all be effectively cooled, and spot cooled. Our cooling specialists are here to provide the ideal design in order to get air flowing through any warehouse layout.

Using our proprietary software (DEN), we can determine the most effective system for your building, while ensuring upfront costs are as reduced as possible. While our systems can save up to 80% per year in energy usage, the key factor in a warehousing and fulfillment environment is 100% fresh air. Using Air2O technology, take solace knowing that fresh air is continually available for all located inside of the facility, and precise temperature control is finally achievable without astronomical energy expenses.

Benefits Of Air20 Technology

  • Energy Savings up to 70% against traditional cooling solutions
  • 100% Fresh Air dramatically increases indoor air quality
  • World Leading Efficiencies
  • Low Electrical Demand
  • Sustainable Cooling Solution
  • Suitable for New Build or Retrofit
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Low Maintenance
  • Full Design Support
  • Air2O increases profitability and supports your sustainable goals

Improve your bottom line with Air2O's unique energy saving software.

Features and Benefits

An Air Conditioning system that utilizes IDEC technology with a +9 COP and +30 EER. Delivering 100% fresh air, and capable of delivering energy savings up to 70% over compressor-only based systems.

To save as much energy as possible, Air2O air conditioning units can operate in a multitude of stages: Free cooling, Direct evaporative cooling and Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling, and/or DX/Chilled water depending on the outdoor temperature/relative humidity and the desired internal conditions.

The ability to independently operate all combinations of cooling maximizes the energy savings.

Case Studies

Economical up to 70% saving on energy consumption.

Effective delivery with temperatures as low as 50ºF (10C)

100% Healthy, oxygen rich fresh air. No recycling stale air.

Easy maintenance

Environmentally friendly as no harmful gases are used in the process.

See how much energy you can save.

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The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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