In the ever increasingly competitive retail market, providing customers with an ideal shopping experience is crucial. Warm air makes both customers and employees feel uncomfortable, in addition to increasing the HVAC systems inefficient operation in reaching ideal temperatures. These systems need to work much harder fighting against excess temperatures, which means that reaching the target temperature increases energy bills. The retail industry understands that a comfortable, healthy environment is one of the main forces behind higher sales and lower operational costs.

ASHRAE 62 recommends minimum outdoor fresh air flow which is directly related to the number of occupants and obviously within any retail environment there should be high occupancy levels which demand higher volumes of fresh air are introduced into the indoor commercial environment to ensure good air quality is maintained. Air2O’s wide range of products utilize patent-pending technologies that supply fresh outside air, which is necessary for reaching the ideal temperature and humidity levels in any retail environment.


Air2O can provide your retail environment with the most efficient cooling and fresh air system, thereby reducing energy bills and consumption.

As HVAC designers are continually challenged to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint, Air2O systems have the capability to address the challenges faced in retail environments, while championing a sustainable future. Whether a retail facility is a new construction or requires a retrofit, utilizing Air2O’s technology can save up to 80 percent on energy.

Benefits Of Air20 Technology

  • Energy Savings up to 70% against traditional cooling solutions
  • 100% Fresh Air dramatically increases indoor air quality
  • World Leading Efficiencies
  • Low Electrical Demand
  • Sustainable Cooling Solution
  • Suitable for New Build or Retrofit
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Low Maintenance
  • Full Design Support
  • Air2O increases profitability and supports your sustainable goals

Improve your bottom line with Air2O's unique energy saving software.

Features and Benefits

An Air Conditioning system that utilizes IDEC technology with a +9 COP and +30 EER. Delivering 100% fresh air, and capable of delivering energy savings up to 70% over compressor-only based systems.

To save as much energy as possible, Air2O air conditioning units can operate in a multitude of stages: Free cooling, Direct evaporative cooling and Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling, and/or DX/Chilled water depending on the outdoor temperature/relative humidity and the desired internal conditions.

The ability to independently operate all combinations of cooling maximizes the energy savings.

Case Studies

Economical up to 70% saving on energy consumption.

Effective delivery with temperatures as low as 50ºF (10C)

100% Healthy, oxygen rich fresh air. No recycling stale air.

Easy maintenance

Environmentally friendly as no harmful gases are used in the process.

See how much energy you can save.

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The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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