ICT is not a dream or a raw start-up. It is an emerging growth company with important functioning subsidiaries, each of which are bringing intelligent and innovative products to the HVAC industry.

ICT’s disruptive innovations include:

Air2O – Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System
Air2O products are 25% to 50% less expensive in numerous applications and 50% to 80% more energy efficient in hot, cold, humid or dry climates.

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ZoZo – Intelligent Thermostat Technology
ZoZo’s intelligent thermostat uses a proprietary algorithm and sensor based technology to deliver greater comfort than all others on the market today and up to 20% more efficiency in cooling costs.

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IceCaps- The First Solar-powered and Phase Change Cooling Helmet
IceCaps, a revolutionary solar-powered and phase change helmet that can reduce body temperature by up to 18 degrees F.

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Our mission is to be a leading solutions provider of intelligent, efficient and clean cooling systems, smart thermostat technology, and personal cooling to people and businesses across the world.


As responsible citizens of the planet, our role is to provide solutions and education that maximizes energy savings, comfort, and reduces carbon emissions.

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