Moe Salem  presented a technical paper, Energy Performance of Evaporative Recovery (ER) Using Cooling Tower & Coil Arrangements, the revolutionary game changer solution for energy recovery that was implemented recently at the  Mall Of Qatar  in Doha.

The paper was presented at The 2017 CTI ( Cooling Technology Institute ) Annual conference  at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel located at the heart of  French Quarter  in the historic city of  New Orleans, Louisiana.

The paper evaluates the energy savings potential of Evaporative Recovery (ER) using cooling tower and coil arrangement as fresh air pre-cooling in hot and humid climatic conditions. Energy saving chart was generated for various climatic conditions across the USA to predict the energy performance of ER using cooling tower and coil in fresh air pre-cooling applications. Results show that ER using cooling tower and coil has an energy savings range between 40% to 90% higher than those of thermal wheel and run-around-coils.