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News and Events

A Beacon of Sustainability with IKEA

Air2O units were recently installed as part of new construction for IKEA's location in Greenwich, UK. IKEA referred to this building as a "beacon of sustainability" due to the many sustainable energy technologies that are in use at this location. Their ultimate goal for this location is to achieve 100 percent renewable energy..and we believe they are certainly on track as they received an "Outstanding" BREEAM certification - which is the highest award a building can receive for sustainable construction. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this location and hope this store will lead they way for not only other IKEA locations around the globe, but other retail environments as well.

Air2O Awarded in 2018 Fall Arizona Innovation Challenge

Air2O is very excited to announce that we were one of ten local Arizona companies awarded for the fall of 2018 Arizona Innovation Challenge. The Arizona Innovation Challenge is presented by the Arizona Commerce Authority, with the goal of enhancing companies from a 'startup' to market leader in their respective fields. Since the inception of the challenge back in 2011, over 2,000 companies have applied, with 90 total awarded companies. We are very proud of all of our team here at Air2O who made this possible and continue to push towards a bright future. To learn more about the challenge, visit the following link: Arizona Innovation Challenge.

The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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