Mike CEO

Michael Sullivan

CEO / Co-Founder, Air2O

Michael Sullivan, CEO, Air2O, is a proven entrepreneur with the ability to profitably commercialize innovative HVAC solutions. A second generation HVAC expert, Mike has more than 25 years of experience in delivering innovative cooling solutions. Mike is the co-founder and owner of Cosaf Environments, a company he started with his father and brother in the early 1990’s, which is still thriving today. In addition to launching other industry revolutionary products such as Gatorduct, Mike has negotiated and managed hundreds of commercial contracts across the globe, and is now focused on building Air2O into a global cooling innovator from Air2O’s new corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.


Moe Salem

CTO / Co-Founder, Air2O

Moe Salem, CTO, Air2O, brings nearly 25 years of engineering expertise to the Air2O team. An entrepreneur and inventor with multiple patents issued or in process, Moe steers the technology direction of the company. Moe is also an HVAC instructor at San Joaquin State College, Institute of Technology, and the President and Founder of “It’s your Dream”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting San Joaquin valley residents to realizing their dream of becoming the next great American entrepreneur.

The Next Generation Hybrid Air Conditioning System

When your project calls for the most efficient and environmentally responsible cooling system, Air2O is the world leading next generation hybrid air conditioning system with unparalleled performance and eco credentials.

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