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Case Study: Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota

Next door to the new Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility in Mesa, Arizona sits the home of Brent Berge’s Riverview Toyota.  The Berge Group, operators of eight auto dealerships in Arizona have been at the forefront in adopting energy efficiency technologies to manage rising energy costs in their facilities.

The Challenge
Riverview Toyota was looking for a cooling solution for customers and staff in their service area that would be cost effective and energy efficient, especially difficult during Arizona’s hot summers.

The Solution
For Riverview Toyota and the Berge Group it was a simple decision. On a typical summer day with a temperature of 110 degrees and 10% humidity, the Air2O can cool the air to 58 degrees with 55% relative humidity.  This compares favorably to a high efficient evaporative cooling systems, which typically deliver 76 degree air with 70% humidity, as was the case with the system installed previously at the dealership.

“Everything is working great! We’re very pleased with how comfortable the service area is now” says Riverview Toyota’s Service Manger.

Two 20,000 CFM Air2O units were chosen as the most cost effective cooling solution for the 40,000 square foot service area. The Air2O IDEC units incorporate the latest technology in high-performance, energy efficiency cooling technology available in the world. The Air2O operates quite simply like an evaporative system operates except for one major additional step.  Water is first chilled through a sophisticated water cooling tower. This chilled water is then passed through a heat exchanger, which chills the air without adding any moisture.  The air is cooled through a second evaporative process to deliver air temperatures comparable to air conditioners, but with 100% fresh air and a small touch of healthful humidity.

The Benefits
The Air20 uses a fraction of the energy standard air conditioners use. Air2O customers can expect to save upwards of 70% -80% over high efficiency air conditioners.  Riverview is expected to use less electricity for the two Air2O units than the previous evaporative systems.

Service techs, who spend their day performing a myriad of maintenance tasks on late model Toyotas and Scions are also pleased. “We all look forward to coming to work” states Bob, a longtime Riverview tech. “Even my girlfriend commented on how much more comfortable the area is now”.


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