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Air2O Ebook: 6 Vital HVAC Design Features for Data Centers

Air2O recently released the ebook: 6 Vital HVAC Design Features for Data Centers. Read the overview below and download the ebook as a PDF.

6 Vital HVAC Design Features for Data Centers


When it comes to the design and operation of a data center, its critical to have the proper HVAC system in place. Without careful consideration and consulting from a HVAC professional, a data center owner can easily select the wrong system, causing the entire data center to be in jeopardy. There are six vital HVAC design features specifically for data centers. Installing an HVAC solution with these features will ensure optimal operation without compromising performance.

What’s Inside

  • Heat Gains
    Data centers have significant heat gains as a result of consistently operating at a high capacity. This ebook highlights the different sources of heat gains and addresses the need for alleviating such gains.
  • Strict temperature and humidity requirements
    While the general standard for comfort conditions in a building relate to ambient room temperature and relative humidity, such metrics are not adequate for data centers. This ebook offers the recommended environmental conditions according to ASHRAE standards.
  • Ventilation Rates
    Without a careful design, the introduction of outdoor air for pressurization purposes may be in excess of what is needed to maintain indoor air quality. This ebook gives the proper air flow rate depending on the heat load.
  • Air Quality
    Excellent air quality is essential for the continuous, smooth operation for the data center equipment. This ebook highlights how pressurization and filtration must both be addressed in any dust control design of the HVAC system.
  • Cooling Loads
    In order for the HVAC design to be effective, the required cooling load must be calculated for each area of the data center. Read this ebook to calculate the cooling load.
  • HVAC Equipment
    One of the cutting-edge cooling units for data centers is a hybrid system that uses both evaporative cooling and more traditional refrigerants. Read more about the advantages of a hybrid cooling system in this ebook.


Download 6 Vital HVAC Design Features for Data Centers

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