Air2O is a multinational corporation that design and manufacture residential, commercial and industrial Cooling Solutions and intelligent control strategies delivering industry leading energy efficiency. Multiple cooling technologies are used with huge emphasis placed on maximizing evaporative cooling technology, whether direct or indirect Evaporative cooling, or a combination of both, known as IDEC systems. Our unique approach has enabled us to develop a world leading hybrid air conditioning system.

Air2O core line of products include:

  1. Ultra efficient Indirect/direct Package Air Condition systems
  2. Hybrid Package Air Condition systems
  3. Smart Supervisory Control system for hybrid Air condition
  4. Ultra efficient Evaporative recovery System

Air2O Solutions are applied in an array of applications including Residential Commercial & Public Buildings, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Shopping Malls, Data Center and Server Rooms, Industrial Buildings, and in Outdoor Cooling and Heat Recovery.

Moe Salem, Co-Founder of Air2O in November of 2007 built his 1st IDEC air conditioning unit at his house’s garage in Fresno California. The 1st unit was built from plywood and from components acquired locally.

In 2008, Mr. Salem received a contract with an Indian manufacturer to build his first commercial unit, which was introduced to the world for first time at a tradeshow in Madrid Spain in May of  2009 where the technologies attract tremendous attention. However, the first breakthrough for Salem occurred at the end of 2009 when Salem partnered with SPEAKMAN, an industry leading showering and plumbing manufacturer out of Delaware, to design and execute the biggest outdoor cooling project in the world at the time, Universal Studios, Singapore. The project was challenging as the climate is very humid, but the project was a huge success! In the years that followed, Salem split from SPEAKMAN, and moved  manufacturing from India to China, as the economic downturn in United States at the time was not helping the new born technology to flourish. In 2011, Salem decided to open new markets in the Middle East.

In 2012, Salem reunited with an old friend and industry veteran Mike Sullivan of Manchester, England. Sullivan had 20+ year of experience in evaporative cooler technology in the UK and other locations in Europe,  and he has a very successful contracting company. Sullivan immediately realized that the technology Salem created was a game changer and he start to use it in some of the projects he was working on within the United Arab Emirates. Salem and Sullivan took their 40+ years of combined experience in evaporative cooling and HVAC engineering and sales, and joined forces to launch Air2O Cooling LLC. Today, Air2O group consist of three separate companies in three countries (Air2O Cooling Ltd , UK , Air2O Cooling LLC USA , Air2O Environmental equipment Ltd, China). The technology that started in a small garage in Fresno California, is now effectively and energy-efficiently cooling across the globe.

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