DEN is a unique evaporative cooling technology, performance-predicting, design software program. In other words, DEN is a software tool which tells you how a building’s cooling system is likely to run throughout the year. Using data from current and historical weather centers, the DEN system can accurately ascertain how much a building’s cooling system would “need” to run at different points of the year, allowing an HVAC engineer to estimate how effective or costly a particular cooling system may be for a project.

The DEN system can detail the performance of different types of evaporative cooling technology, providing you with an overview of three types of evaporative cooling systems – IDEC, Direct, and Hybrid. This gives engineers a comprehensive look at how different potential cooling systems will work, allowing them to choose an evaporative cooling system that would benefit them and the building owner the most. The DEN system may even point out that more conventional cooling systems will best suit a building; it all depends on the building, budget, and region of the world at hand.

The Benefits of DEN:
The benefits of using DEN are numerous, but here are the top four:

Better-informed decisions
DEN takes the guesswork out of HVAC specialists’ jobs, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about which cooling system will best serve a building in terms of quality, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Although years of experience as an HVAC tech can help one to make well-informed decisions, additional analyses extracted from the DEN tool allow HVAC specialists to back up their intuition or perhaps take a second look at their theories.

Energy efficiency
The DEN system does wonders for energy efficiency worldwide, allowing engineers to choose cooling systems which are greener and kinder to the environment. Not only does this save building owners money, it helps reduce our carbon footprint.

DEN analyses allow building operators to save large amounts of money on their overheads and running costs, as the building’s HVAC engineer can choose a cooling system which will be cost-effective in the long-term. Although the chosen system may be more expensive than some of its counterparts at first, its efficiency will often pay for itself in power consumption savings alone.

Accurate data
The accurate data provided by the DEN system can provide engineers with unique insights, which may inform their future decisions proactively. Having access to a wealth of data about different cooling systems can help to educate HVAC specialists on emerging technologies, allowing them to look into innovative cooling systems in more detail and even uncovering possibilities for future solutions.

Give DEN a Try
HVAC professionals can now take the guesswork out of selecting the right evaporative cooling technology and are able to demonstrate to the end user the predicted performance of the system. Contact Air2O and learn more about DEN and the performance data in your area.