IDEC Systems

The base technology within Air2O utilises a unique combination of both indirect/direct evaporative cooling (IDEC) which is a 21st century system.

Our packaged HVAC units incorporate a 1st stage indirect heat exchanger and 2nd stage direct evaporative cooling. This combination of both indirect and direct means we can achieve the most practical and highest performing evaporative cooling system commercially available.

How it works

Hybrid Cooling

Around the world where evaporative cooling has been limited, Air2O hybrid systems incorporate traditional refrigerant or chilled water cooling coils to work in conjunction with one another and provide hybrid systems without compromise.

This opens up the possibilities for millions of people around the world, as they can now enjoy the benefits of evaporative cooling which hasn’t been previously available to them.

How it works

Heat Recovery (HRV)

Air2O evaporative recovery units recovering cool energy from air conditioning buildings are twice as efficient as a conventional thermal wheel approach. In locations such as the Middle East there is no higher performing system to recover cool energy from air conditioned buildings.

Air2O evaporative heat recovery is at least twice as effective than thermal wheel heat recovery systems.

How it works

Standard models available:

CRS2500 - 2,500cfm (4,340m3/hr) Cooling Capacity 5 Ton (17.5Kw)

CRS5000 - 5,000cfm (8,495m3/hr) Cooling Capacity 10 Ton (35Kw)

CRS10000 - 10,000cfm (17,000m3/hr) Cooling Capacity 20 Ton (70Kw)

External static pressure available 1.0″ – 2.0″ WC (250-500PA)

Standard Evaporative Cooling Models

Standard technical features include:

• Built-in economiser function

• High efficiency direct drive plug fan

• High efficiency secondary axial fan with low noise design

• Separate primary and secondary water circuits for optimum efficiency

• Peak power consumption 400 to 450 watts per ton

• 480, 380, 220v 50/60 Hz single or three phase power

• All stainless steel water reservoirs

• Single point electric connections

• Single point water inlet and drain connections

• 24-volt control panel compatible with any type of thermostat

• Automatic water quality management system, field adjustable for specific site requirements

• Water limit switches for pump protection